Some Thoughts and Observations on Spymaster

  1. This game is eerily addictive, and oddly time consuming.
  2. MI6 is definitely the best way to go: more energy can earn you more money (and more experience at the same time), but more money cannot be converted to experience.
  3. Swiss Bank accounts don’t seem to be very useful until you’re saving up to buying the very last safe house in the game. Before that point, you might as well just buy one of the cheaper safe houses.
  4. Assassination chances are very random. I’ve failed against low risk opponents several times in a row, when I was stronger by every metric. And yet, I’ve (occasionally) succeeded against high risk opponents, where they completely outstripped me.
  5. It’s very possible that a level 1 char belonging to a Twitter user with a ton of followers will kill a level 25 char with just a few followers.
  6. I’m seeing about a 20:1 spy:spymaster ratio, but that’s just my random observations from people I’ve tried to kill; your mileage may vary.
  7. I’m not sure if there’s some throttling going on, but in general, it’s very different to get your money back if you lose it to another player via assassinations in either direction.
  8. In general, you’re better off avoiding assassinations as much as possible, and instead just try to grind out levels. But that’s less fun.
  9. If you’re assassinating people, I advise assassinating high risk/reward targets, and only make one attempt. Killing people single-handedly and/or milking people for cash is hard.
  10. You will find people who follow you in the hopes that you follow them back to strengthen their circle. If you don’t, they’ll then unfollow you after a while.
  11. Spymaster also happens to double as a rough and dirty and random follow monitor: when a spymaster leaves your circle (which means the person unfollowed you), Spymaster will leave you a message.

~ by Nocturnal Discourse on 3 June 2009.

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