Spymaster Weapons Listing

Mod. 45 Automatic Knife
“An invaluable weapon for hand-to-hand combat.”
Price: $322.0
Attack: +5

Makarov PM, 9x18mm
“A concealable Cold War classic.”
Price: $625.0
Attack: +7

Yarygin PYa “Grach” Pistol
“Military issue. 9mm +P+ defats body armor.”
Price: $975.0
Attack: +10

UMP45 Submachine Gun
“45 ACP power in a polymer package.”
Price: $1,625.0
Attack: +14

Dragunov SVD
Price: $2,375.0
Attack: +20

G36C Assault Rifle
Price: $3,000.0
Attack: +24

M107 Sniper Rifle
“Reach out and touch someone.”
Level: 25
Price: $22.2K
Attack: +90

Update (2009-06-09): Added some of the descriptions to the weapons.
Update (2009-06-09): Added the level 25 sniper rifle.


~ by Nocturnal Discourse on 5 June 2009.

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