9 Social Networking/Microblogging Articles Worth Reading

With what feels like the entire tech world talking about the changing trends in social networking and microblogging, I thought it was necessary to highlight some of the best and most interesting articles on Facebook and Twitter and their respective futures.

1. Is Facebook Getting Too Big?

2. Is Facebook Past Its Prime?

3. Facebook Twitterification

4. Facebook Demographics Changing–Same Story, More Impressive Stats

5. What Does 250 Million Users Really Mean?

6. Interesting and Surprising Twitter Facts

7. Why Teens Aren’t Using Twitter

8. Should Twitter Win the Nobel Prize?

9. The Epic Battle: Twitter vs. Facebook

Just for giggles, check out this “in case of fire…” sign–true anti-Twitter practicality.


~ by Nocturnal Discourse on 16 July 2009.

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